Simply and efficiently check inventory at hand with:

RFID Scout

RFID Scout is a FREE app on Google Play that helps small businesses and organizations simply and efficiently check inventory at hand and update their computerized inventory lists.

RFID Scout requires a TLS-1128 Bluetooth UHF RFID reader  to get started.
Launch RFID scout with a CSV file or open the app independently to create inventory on the fly.

TLS-1128 Bluetooth RFID Reader


  • RFID Scout simply and easily connects to the TLS-1128 Bluetooth UHF RFID reader
  • Search out RFID labeled inventory with a SINGLE press of the button.
  • Once an inventory item is found, it is confirmed by scanning the items barcode.
  • After you’ve completed inventory the data can be output to a CSV file.

TO LAUNCH  RFID Scout with a CSV file

  • Email your CSV inventory file to the phone where RFID Scout is installed
  • If prompted to select an app – click on the  RFID Scout icon.


  •  When importing a CSV file each row should be separate inventory item.
  •  The columns the CSV file contains can vary
  • RFID Scout expects certain columns for proper operation.


(The barcode the item is tagged with to confirm the item is present once found.)

(The Electronic Product Code the item is tagged with, and is used to find it in a room.)

(Description of the item for clarification on what is being searched for.)

(The expected location of the item )

Not required, but can be in the CSV file and will be imported for item clarification are as  follows:

“Inventory #”
“Asset #”
MFG Serial Number #”


  • When searching for inventory the list of devices will change as they are found.
  • To search with RFID hold down the 1128 trigger button.
  • When a device EPC is read via RFID its row will glow yellow, and the phone will vibrate and issue a beep.
  •  The devices’ row text turns blue to denote that it was found with RFID.
  • When getting closer to a device Ithe EPC will be read more frequently and  highlighted to indicate that it is close.
  • After being found with RFID the device can be confirmed by double clicking the 1128 trigger and scanning the device barcode.
  • This will result in the row turning green to indicate it has been found and scanned.
  • Clicking on the device row will open a box that shows the details of the item,
  • Press the the “FINISH” button when you are done and email the results to yourself or other designated email.

That’s all you need to start tracking and scouting your inventory!