Assistant Operations Specialist

VECTARE’s Assistant Operations Specialist is a High School Graduate currently enrolled in college with an emphasis on Operations Management including Supply Chain Management, Operations Planning, Purchasing, and Accounting. From demand to supply this position exposes the candidate to the entire operational supply chain including managing supply to meet demand in a dynamic engineer to order production environment.

This part time position ideally suited for a college student studying Supply Chain Management, Business and Operations Management, and or accounting.

Position Requirements

  1. U.S Citizen
  2. High School Graduate
  3. Understanding of basic math calculations
  4. Ability to take direction, follow through on tasks and keep track of open and completed tasks
  5. Assist in the management of physical inventory including supply orders, demand orders, and storage.
  6. Strong computer acclimation including using spreadsheets, word processors and databases to manage transactions
  7. Assist in accounting transactions reconciling accounts and reports

Duties Include

1. Inventory Management including production assets, production materials, MRO supplies

a.Maintain item locations and balances
b.Receiving and Stocking

2. Purchasing – Assist in the purchasing process to include creating, maintaining, and completing purchase orders

a.Assist in maintaining and managing the Purchase Make Process
b.Expediting and managing open orders

3.Production – Assist in the production process to include creating, maintaining, and completing production work orders

a.Maintain accurate accounting of production costs and cost variances
b.Assist in maintaining the item master and production bill of materials

4.Accounting – Assist in reconciling purchases and charges to the company credit card researching open charges and open purchases

5. Other duties as may be assigned

Required skills

1.Computer skills in Microsoft Excel, Word or equivalent
2.Database knowledge and the ability to interact in a transactional database scheme.
3.Maintain email and comms with vendors and employees

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