VECTARE is an Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning Company

Applying advance technologies to secure Wired and Wireless Networks

Capitalizing on the advancements of AI/ML software and hardware, VECTARE is providing sophisticated solutions to detect and deter malicious network attacks for the wired and wireless Networks to include the Smart Grid applications and the Internet of Things (IoT).

VECTARE’s data scientists and engineers have a deep understanding of the importance of selecting the correct attributes, data analytics and model generation for anomaly detection.

Our experience in AI/ML solutions is deep and includes Time Series Analysis, Topological Data Analysis, Convolutional Neural Networking, Recurrent Neural Network and Adversarial Neural Networking.

VECTARE has decades of experience in embedded hardware and software design, web based applications and Apple and Android App development.

VECTARE has an in-house rapid prototype capability that includes PCB design and manufacture, advanced 3D printing capability and resident digital and RF testing expertise.

Rapid Prototyping

In House PCB Manufacturing

Fully Stocked Laboratory

Advance 3D Printing Capability

Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence