VECTARE’s design engineers are experts in the design and development of secure IPv4 and IPv6 end to end solutions including back office data centers, Field Area Networks and IP enabled end nodes. Whether your project involves complex high level processing or low power battery operated applications, VECTARE can accelerate the development process and can provide a rapid solution to your requirements.

At VECTARE, we work with you to produce solutions according to your team’s requirements. Our experience on various projects allows us to be uniquely successful with projects that require tight delivery schedules and exacting specifications.

Internet of Things

The Internet of Things (IoT) is changing the world as we know it. Consider the impact the existing Internet has had on education, communication, business, science, government and utilities. The Internet is one of the most important and powerful creations in all of human history.

Now consider that the IoT represents the next evolution of the Internet, gathering, analyzing, and distributing data from 50 billion IP enabled devices used in your business, home, public utilities and the environment.

VECTARE has been involved in the IoT arena since its conception and understands the technology it is based on. VECTARE is a proponent of the use of IPv6 based technology and is the first company to bring secure, low powered IPv6 enabled smart grid devices to the utility industry.

VECTARE is honored to be a valuable resource to the public utility industry and have provided customized services and products for various physical security systems, smart grid solutions, HF, UHF and SHF RFID solutions, and radio frequency survey systems.

VECTARE has built a reputation as a partner that can be counted on, provides excellent customer service, delivers a high quality product and always provides an on time delivery.