Our team is focused on producing products that are intuitive and easy to use and accessible from most mobile devices. Our product suite includes the following:

Radio Frequency Identification (RFID)

The “Internet of Things” phrase was originally derived in the mid 1990s for the RFID technology space. The vision was that all things of value would eventually contain an RFID tag that would facilitate its production, tracking and value.

With the worldwide adoption of a set of RFID standards (EPC Gen2 and soon the EPC Gen2 V2), as well as the roll out of the IPv6 Internet protocol, this vision is becoming a reality.

VECTARE provides expertise in design, deployment, control and monitoring of RFID systems for the following RFID protocols:

• High Frequency ( ISO 14443 , ISO 15693)

• UHF ( ISO 18006 A, B & C)

• SHF  ( IEEE 802.15.4f)

In addition, VECTARE can provide customized RFID readers, specialized antenna designs, as well as integrating existing off-the-shelf RFID systems to meet any requirement that is needed.

Market Segments include:

  • Manufacturing
  • Automobile
  • Airlines
  • Hospitality
  • Medical
  • Retail

RFID Scout

RFID Scout is a FREE app on Google Play that helps small businesses and organizations simply and efficiently check inventory at hand and update their computerized inventory lists.

RFID Scout requires a TLS-1128 Bluetooth UHF RFID reader  to get started. Launch RFID scout with a CSV file or open the app independently to create inventory on the fly.

For More Information Visit our RFID Scout page.

Mobile Device Analysis Corpus System (MDAC System)

Mobile Device Analysis Corpus (MDAC) is a Microsoft Windows(TM) based inventory management system targeted to the law-enforcement community for the inventory and management of mobile devices. This easy to use wizards allows users with minimum training to start importing and managing their mobile device inventory.  The MDAC system interfaces to latest SLR cameras to capture and store hi-resolution images as well as high speed document scanners that capture all documents related to the mobile device in a single place.  The MDAC system supports capturing meta data from the latest mobile forensic tools and is able to maintain a history of the device.    In addition, the system leverages latest RFID technology in managing the inventory.   For more information visit our MDAC System page.

Mobile Device Analysis Corpus System (MDAC System)

Gas Sentinel

The Gas Sentinel System is a secure Internet Protocol (IP) enabled gas shutoff system that can be used to remotely shut off gas service. Each Gas Sentinel System is comprised of a remote controlled Valve and Control Software. The tamper resistant Gas Sentinel Valve is easy to install, low cost and seamlessly integrates into existing Internet infrastructures via a wireless link.  The Gas Sentinel Control Software is compatible with Windows™, Mac™, Android™ and Linux operating systems and provides valve discovery, valve control, temperature, battery voltage, as well as historical trending.

Wireless Physical Security Sensors

Our small and low power battery powered wireless physical security sensors employ the latest low power microprocessing and radio technology featuring “wake on radio” capability and battery management algorithms that provide maximum sensor time on station. These sensors are IPv6 enabled and employ both authentication and light weight encryption algorithms optimized for low power devices. Using a technique called “Smart Skin”, the ground sensors can be color matched to any environment from captured in a photograph or digital image..

VECTARE- Wireless Intrusion Detection Sensor

Wireless Intrusion Detection Sensor

The VECTARE Passive Infrared (PIR) Sensor provides wireless trip wire functionality and can be used for intrusion detection or as a trigger device for a camera or other “trigger” type applications such as a camera or security light.

Wireless Seismic Sensor

The VECTARE seismic sensor is designed to generate an alert when a seismic event matches one of the signatures programmed into the sensor. The low profile antenna employs adaptive RF technology to enable operation when buried.

Wireless Camera

The VECTARE battery powered wireless camera provides color or black and white JPEG photos over a secure low power IEEE 802.15.4 wireless link. The camera can be triggered by pairing to any of the VECTARE “trigger” sensors such as a PIR or seismic sensors.

Wireless Integrated Mote (WIM)

Wireless Integrated Mote (WIM)

The WIM module converts existing wired sensors to wireless devices compatible with the IPv6 IEEE 802.15.4 protocol. The WIM module accepts data from both RS-232 and I2C interfaces and provides battery power for the attached sensor.

Spectral Survey Systems

VECTARE provides spectral analysis tools for all IEEE 802.15.4 protocols operating in the 902 MHz and 2.4 GHz frequency spectrums. Survey solutions include both narrowband and wideband survey tools, as well as field portable, battery powered survey kits.