Computer Engineer  (Full Time)

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Computer Engineer

VECTARE’s Computer Engineer is a College Graduate with a degree in Computer Science or Electrical Engineering with at least three (3) years of hand on programming experience.

General Responsibilities

VECTARE’s Computer Engineer takes the science of software development with innovative product development to create unique and user friendly software used to accomplish the goals of the project. VECTARE’s Computer Engineers have the following responsibilities:

  1. Designs, develops, and codes using proven programming methods to meet outlined objectives
    • Is experienced with software languages and tools including C/C++, Embedded C, Java, Python and other Object Oriented languages
    • Is comfortable working in both Windows, Linux operating systems, including Eclipse Development Tools
    • Experience with embedded (RTOS), Android, and GNU Radio is a Plus!
  2. Documents software designs for ease of integration and sharing of code
  3. Integrates and develops software to specified hardware components
  4. Presents progress reports on a regular basis
  5. Possesses strong interpersonal and organizational skills
  6. Takes initiative and ownership of assigned projects

Duties Include

  • Developing software specific for the assigned application
  • Using all the software skills to integrate software into the fold of specified hardware
  • Reading, understanding, and developing applications based on spec sheets and end user comments
  • Modifying, improving, and debugging existing software, and software algorithms
  • Developing detailed test procedures encompassing pre-production, in-process, and post production units, user manuals, and quick start guides


  • VECTARE’s Computer Engineer is a citizen of the United States
  • A college graduate with at least 3 years of hands on programming experience
  • Confident in deciphering software development requirements