• Internet of Things

    End to end IP Enabled Devices for the Utility Industries

  • Rapid Prototyping

    Mechanical & Electrical Design

  • VECTARE Engineering

    A Colloborative Work Environment

VECTARE is an engineering and manufacturing company specializing in the Internet of Things

Capitalizing on dramatic technology advancements made by industry, VECTARE is enabling remote monitoring and control solutions for the Internet of Things.

A proponent of the use of IPv6 enabled technology; VECTARE is the first company to bring secure, low powered IP smart grid devices to the utility industry.

VECTARE’s design engineers are experts in the design and development of secure IPv4 and IPv6 end to end solutions including back office, Field Area Networks and IP enabled wireless end nodes. VECTARE believes in the power of emerging handheld technology and is focused on providing solutions that are secure, easy to use and accessible from mobile devices.

VECTARE is one of the foremost experts in RFID technology and is fully versed with the RFID protocols EPC Gen2, ISO 14443, ISO 15693 and ISO 18006a/b/c and are intimately familiar with the various families of RFID devices to include RFID chip and tag manufacturers as well as the RFID reader manufacturers.

Full turn key rapid prototyping
Rapid Prototyping

Full turn key prototyping capability including mechanical and electrical design, manufacture, program, assembly and test.

Expert System Development

From custom embedded solutions to off-the-shelf systems leveraging the latest advancements in emerging technology.

IP Enabled Physical Security Components

Custom wireless sensor solutions allow for rapid development and quick deployments for unique customer requirements