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  • Ground Sensors

    Unattended low power WCS sensors

  • Internet of Things

    Devices for business, home, & utilities

    Internet of Things - Devices for business, home & utilities

VECTARE is an engineering and manufacturing company specializing in the Internet of Things

Capitalizing on dramatic technology advancements made by industry, VECTARE is enabling remote monitoring and control solutions for the Internet of Things.

A proponent of the use of IPv6 enabled technology, VECTARE is the first company to bring secure, low powered, IP enabled device sensors to the warfighter as well as IPv6 enabled smart grid devices to the utility industry.

VECTARE’s design engineers are experts in the development of wireless sensor solutions, networking, protocol stack development and user interfaces. Our Team is focused on providing solutions that are intuitive and easy to use and accessible from mobile devices.

We create solutions for communications and computing devices on a variety of host processors and operating system platforms.

Rapid Prototyping

Full turn key prototyping capability including mechanical and electrical design, manufacture, program, assembly and test.

Smart Grid
Smart Grid

Building automation smart home, smart metering, RFID and battle space management applications.

Sensor System Design
Sensor System Design

Custom wireless sensor solutions allow for rapid development and quick deployments for unique customer requirements

Development Platforms

Hardware Platforms 

  • ARM
  • TI
  • NXP
  • Zylinx
  • Zilog
  • Geode


  • Bluetooth / Bluetooth Low Power
  • 802.15.4
  • IPv4/IPv6
  • Ethernet / 802.1 / 802.11
  • USB (1.0, 2.0, 3.0)
  • Embedded Webdesign
  • Embedded GPS
  • Geo Position / GPS / Compass
  • GeoPhone
  • Power Control

Operating Systems

  • Linux (multiple distrubutions)
  • Windows (All versions)
  • VXWorks
  • Mac OS
  • Android / IOS
  • TinyOS/Contiki
  • GNU Radio